Install New Buildings at Communications Facility

Project Description: Remove (E) building, footings, foundations and metal tower. Construct (2) new buildings, furnish new PG&E power, transfer all generators and equipment through several phases of construction.

Project Description: An HOA that was constructed around 30 years prior was experiencing multiple large leaks on a basis that was too frequent to tolerate during an ongoing water crisis in California. Oak Grove was referred to the HOA by their well operator, Jerry & Don’s Yaeger.

We got an team of designers together, helped budget and design a good value replacement system, and installed an above ground, ductile iron water main to replace the failing Yellowmine pipe. The extremely rocky condition of the native soils made the above ground pipe option an economical alternative to trenching.

The installation performed so well in the most problematic section of replaced pipe, the agency is now considering performing additional work through Oak Grove and has called us back on several occasions for maintenance of existing systems.

Project Description: Paving of a subdivision conform to Highway 12 in Santa Rosa.